Mihang'o, Embakasi, off the Eastern Bypass, Nairobi.


Accredited Asset Refurbishment & Recovery Services

We sell, lease, service and maintain ICT equipment. We also install and maintain solar solutions, as well as manage electronic waste.

About Us

DPA understands that there’s a tremendous need for affordable computers in Africa. This is because many learning institutions, community organizations and SMEs may find it difficult to raise enough capital to purchase IT equipment due to their costly nature. Consequently, millions of people are alienated from; educational and socio-economic benefits computers offer. This reality sheds light on the need for low cost refurbished PCs acquired to deliver tremendous value for schools and the communities that need affordable access to computer equipment.

In the event that a client does not want to own a computer; we provide IT managed services where he/ she can lease. Our vision is to ensure that no individual or business is digitally marginalized. By choosing to lease, the client avoids the full cost and inherent risks that come with ownership. Such risks include; obsolete technology, depreciation in value and breakage.

DPA seeks to enhance knowledge and access to information in a safe environment. This is why it runs an E-Waste disposition and recycling centre that is certified by the National Environment Management Authority- Kenya. This ensures all electronics that have reached end of life don’t end up in a landfill or disposed informally posing harm to the environment and human health.

Our Services

IT Managed Services

We specialize in sale and leasing of top quality new and refurbished ICT equipment.

Asset Recovery

We provide warranty, after sale service and after the expiry of warranty we charge minimal maintenance fee.

Microsoft Authorised

DPA is keen on green energy agenda and promotes the use of solar as an alternative energy.

Asset Disposal

Responsible disposal and recycling of solar energy and electronic devices has become more crucial than ever.

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

"DPA provided great IT infrastructure refurbishing, offering effective, affordable and reliable solutions. They efficiently transformed my outdated infrastructure, and I highly recommend their service to any business in need of an upgrade."
Majestic Sunrays
"DPA is an eco-friendly and efficient e-waste processing company that prioritizes sustainability and safety. Their exceptional customer service made my experience highly satisfactory. I recommend DPA as a reliable e-waste processor."
Sahara Foods
DPA's IT services transformed our business, resolving issues quickly and boosting efficiency. Their proactive and personalized approach makes them a top IT partner.

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