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We sell, lease, service and maintain ICT equipment. We also install and maintain solar solutions, as well as manage electronic waste.

About Us

At DPA you can purchase the best quality ICT equipment checked and certified by our in-house ICT experts. Our guaranteed products are readily admissible to our workshops for repairs and maintenance at no extra cost and at a minimal charge after guarantee expiry. 

We also lease our equipment to clients at reasonable prices. 

We provide new and refurbished ICT equipment to organizations, individuals and learning institutions. These include computers, laptops, printers and copiers. 

We also provide leasing of ICT equipment to take care of service maintenance, replacement and disposal.

Our Services

ICT Equipment Sales & Leasing

We specialize in sale and leasing of top quality new and refurbished ICT equipment.

IT Equipment Service & Maintenance

We provide warranty, after sale service and minimal maintenance charge after the expiry of warranty.

Solar Installation & Maintenance

We are keen on the green energy agenda and promote the use of solar as an alternative energy source.

Solar & E-Waste Management

We provide responsible disposal and recycling of solar and electronic devices, which is now increasingly essential.

Client Testimonials

"DPA provided great IT infrastructure refurbishing, offering effective, affordable and reliable solutions. They efficiently transformed my outdated infrastructure, and I highly recommend their service to any business in need of an upgrade."
Majestic Sunrays
"DPA is an eco-friendly and efficient e-waste processing company that prioritizes sustainability and safety. Their exceptional customer service made my experience highly satisfactory. I recommend DPA as a reliable e-waste processor."
Sahara Foods
DPA's IT services transformed our business, resolving issues quickly and boosting efficiency. Their proactive and personalized approach makes them a top IT partner.

Our Clients

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