• BF SUMA Purewell Water Purifier and Filter (Guaranteed Safe Drinking Water)
If you put clean water into dirty pipes, you have dirty water . It is hard to avoid aging of water pipes, it goes through a long process; from water treatment plants, to large water tanks and long pipes before reaching distribution networks to people’s taps. These are key factors influencing drinking water quality.

So why Choose BF Suma Water Purifier and Filter ?
PUREWELL WATER PURIFIER AND FILTER can filter rusts, bacteria, worms, dusts, parasites, algae, sediments, and colloids. It is low one-time cost with easy maintenance and has long service life.
It is guaranteed to protect your family against water-borne diseases such as Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Dysentery and Hepatitis A.

What More? You don’t need to worry about the installation. With it’s easy installation steps and complete tools inside the kit, you will find it easy to do it yourself.

The 7 layers Ceramic filtration technology ensures the highest quality of pure, crystal clear drinking water. It is proven to be safe and effective with No CHEMICALS added. It even filters chlorine and heavy metals.

Good news it fits most Faucets comes with 6 screw thread adapters and 1 universal adapter.
Easy to switch water flow from Filtered and Unfiltered at a flip of a switch.

Cleanable and Replaceable Filter Cartridge, all you need to do is clean the filter every week and change the filter every 3 to 6 months Place your order now.

Do you care about the health of your families? It’s time to make a change. Order BF Suma Purewell to protect yourselves from harmful substances causing different diseases.

Purify & Filter Your Water Save Your Life & Your Family