• AC-DC Television Sets

How best can you say thank you to your parents based at your rural home?

Maybe you’ve bought them best phones, water tank, dairy cow, best dress/suit, build them proper house etc…all these still don’t complete their lives more so when darkness sets in.

Every evening,our rural based parents and family face idleness and boredom after a heavy day work as we enjoy real-time Tv entertainment,news and information in the city. Celebrate your parents and family by sending them our 22″ & 32 Digital Solar Powered Tv System to enable them connect with the World, light their house with solar and charge their phones hustle free. We let you gift your parents and families in a special way.Planning to visit your parents or family soon, arrive in style and make that big surprise by presenting a 22″ solar Tv.

We believe the best gift you can offer your parents more so after a long day in the farm; is to connect them to real time entertainment where they can be able to sit together happily in the evening and laugh out to Churchil Live,Papa Shirandula comedies as well as learn best farming methods on Shamba Shape Up Tv program….Kill the boredom your parents experience daily when darkness sets in.

BUY them our complete 32″ digital solar powered Tv home system best quality and most affordable in the market.

Our solar Tv system provides 3 key benefits to our customers;
-Access to unlimited entertainment,education,news,information
-In-house clean solar lighting hence no need of buying kerosine
-Multiple phone charging port/adapter for up to 8 phones daily.

These is the best gift you can send to your parents and family back home taking them away from idle life without power and entertainment.

School kids will be able to study at night using the two bright solar bulbs without having to rely on harmful and hazardous kerosine lanterns.

Key features include:

22″ solar powered Tv set. 32″ solar tv also available.
2 solar bulbs with 6M cable and switch
Smart antenna VHF/UHF.
30W solar panel
Smart lithium Ion battery